Nurol Havacılık A.Ş.
Nurol Aviation Inc.

NUROL AVIATION INC. a private aircraft service, has been founded in January, 1997 in order to provide you with safe and comfortable air travels whenever and wherever you wish. Company’s paid-up capital is 85.000.000 TL.

Our Aircraft :
FALCON 2000 LX (TC – SGO) , 10-Passenger Capacity

Those who appreciate the value of time and wish to be in the right place on the right time may achieve may achieve these goals by chartering the aircrafts of Nurol Aviation Inc.

For the purposes of meeting the protection needs of both our Aircrafts and other companies, Nurol Aviation Inc. has completed its hangar construction at Esenboğa Airport in 1998, and brought it into 24-hour use of our customers.

Nurol Aviation Inc. will provide you an opportunity to arrive in any place, at any time as you wish, independently from scheduled flights, without having booking problem, delay, and losing time at passenger lounges.

Our Company has been founded in 1997 for the purpose of providing airline transport services. Company’s paid-up capital is 85.000.000.-TL.
Nurol Aviation Inc. has been operating by offering FALCON 2000 LX to both Nurol Group of Companies and other companies and organizations.
Our flights are being made to both domestic and foreign airports in accordance with the rules, and under the supervision of, Civil Aviation Authorities of both Turkey and Europe.
Our FALCON 2000 LX Aircraft is a business jet having 10-passenger capacity, and continuous flight range of 7 hours.
By reaching high altitudes in a short time and flying above all meteorological conditions, our Aircrafts provide their passengers with an extensive comfort and opportunity to watch the nature.
Our Hangar and Terminal Building has been constructed in August 1998 at Ankara Esenboğa Airport, and providing several services to its customers, such as air-taxi, as well as technical and hangar services for general aviation companies and VIP aircrafts.
Nurol Aviation Inc. has been operating eagerly, and targeting to establish a remarkable presence in the civil aviation sector of Turkey.

Date of foundation : 1997
Domicile : Ankara
Number of Employees : 11
General Manager : Aşkın YILMAZ
Flight Manager : Serdar GÜRSOY
Ass.Manager of Financial and Administrative Affairs : Meltem ALGÜN

Nurol Group of Companies Catalogue

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Nurol Group of Companies has always been proud of its half-century history, services in different sectors including trading, defense industry, construction, manufacturing, tourism and finance, more than 40 entities, affiliates and subsidiaries, and the qualities of social and economical values it created by its local and foreign employees, numbers of which is nearly 20.000.

Nurol Construction has been in a position of a “World company” with its widespread operation field on three continents, expanded from Russia Federation and Turkic Republics to Gulf and North African Countries, Georgia and Bulgaria, and also with its equipment pool having a value exceeding USD 300.000.000.

FNSS, being the first private sector defense company, has an export potential value of which is approaching USD One Billion

Nurol Machinery, with its modern manufacturing technology, has been making high-quality productions in the defense and security sectors for 30 years.

Nurol Steel, is among the leading Turkish companies in the relevant sector with its 12.000 tone/year manufacturing capacity.

Nurol Technology, has been focusing on nanotechnology and its applications at its full-automation manufacturing facilities, in order to respond to the needs of different industries, such as defense, aviation, energy, medical, automotive, metallurgy and chemical industries

Nurol Club Salima Holiday Village, has been offering cozy environments to its guests from all corners of the World, in Kemer-Antalya with 1100 bed capacity.


FALCON 2000 LX Easy

Date of Production : 2009
Passenger Capacity : 10+1
Max. Flying Speed : 950Km–0.867 MAC
Engine Power : 2 x 7000 Trustlbs
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Place :Esenboğa Airport
Capacity : 36.5 mt x 32.5 mt
Offices : 3 Rest room,
4 offices
--2 Saloons
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