About Us

NUROL AVIATION INC., a private aircraft service, has been founded in January, 1997 in order to provide you with safe and comfortable air travels whenever and wherever you wish to travel. Company’s paid-up capital is 85.000.000 TL.

Our Aircraft:
Falcon 2000 EX Easy (LX) , 10-Passenger Capacity

Those who appreciate the value of time and wish to be in the right place on the right time may achieve these goals by chartering our aircraft.

For the purposes of meeting the protection needs of both our Aircraft and aircrafts of other companies, NUROL AVIATION INC., has constructed its hangar building at Esenboğa Airport in 1998, and brought it into 24-hour use of its customers.

NUROL AVIATION INC., provides you an opportunity to arrive in any place, at any time as you wish, independent from scheduled flights, without having booking problem, delay, and losing time at passenger lounges.