Nurol Aviation offers maximum comfort at minimum cost to meet the plane rental needs of private companies,public institutions,associations/foundations and legal entities.

As Nurol Aviation, we take care to meet the demands of our customers by offering us the best options in the market conditions without compromising our flight safety.

According to 2017 - 2018 flight records, the tourism destinations flown by Nurol Aviation were as follows: Kiev, Nice, Atina, Malaga, Malta, Paris, Amsterdam, Santorini, Barcelona, Napoli, St.Petersburg, Milano and Sofia.

On our ten passenger capacity VIP aircraft has four worktables and our hot or cold caterings are served to your liking throughout your travels.

Nurol Air Inc.

Our valued guests who know the value of the time and aim to be in the right place at the right time can rent our safe and comfortable aircraft and carry on your business trips or you can add pleasure your life with your loved ones

Flying! A matter of great pleasure for some; an obligation and urgency for others.

And it is precisely at this point thatNUROL Aviation
turns obligation anurgencyinto a pleasurable experience. We have been providing services to our customers since 1997, meeting the needs of those wishing to benefit from the speed and ease of air travel.